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Asian College of Teachers is a brand name associated with teachers training around the world. ACT is a pioneer is TESOL and TEFL training with a specialty of training teachers of Young Learners. The demands of Young Learner's English teachers are particularly high in most parts of the world. The teachers who specialize in teaching small children second language English are hired in both English Speaking countries and non – English speaking countries. Asian College of Teachers specializes in training aspiring EFL/ESL teachers from any corner of the globe.

The quality of TESOL or TEFL course of Asian College of Teachers is determined by its marketability and dynamism. The certificate given to the successful candidates at the end of the course is accepted around the world. The certificate awarded is accredited by TESOL Canada which gives a significant boost to its credibility.
The TESOL program conducted by Asian College of Teachers was developed after years of research by a group of very dedicated educationists. Their constant endeavor is to combine valuable knowledge and strong determination to restructure TESOL methodologies. This was the beginning and has lead to ACT's Standard TESOL online and in-class education and job placement system.

There is a great demand for TESOL trained instructors in Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Thailand, for example, needs half million English speakers to meet their growing need of EFL/ESL teachers. To meet these demands, Asian College of Teachers, offers on-going TESOL programs and Special Projects in class and online. These programs provide opportunities for adults to teach English while travelling, living and working abroad.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has been training students to teach English overseas since 2007. It provides a range of courses and program to suit the learning needs of its students. ACT offers the premium in class TESOL program. The institute boasts of a series of educational quality control mechanisms that ensures that teachers trained under the ACT banner are of the highest standard.

Asian College of Teachers has its presence all over the globe where its in-class courses are conducted. ACT is conducts in-class courses in Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Shanghai, Kolkata, Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Barcelona, London, Madrid, New York, Paris and Sao Paulo. Asian College of Teachers provides standardized online and in class TESOL training.
The in-class program is of 120 hours length and combines all the significant teaching mechanisms, methodologies, modes of approach and articulation made more interesting with audio-visual inputs. A great way to travel the world while working in a rewarding and profitable field is to seek Asian College of Teachers Certification. The Special Projects set in Thailand presents unique opportunities of combining pleasure with profession as the TESOL certification is succeeded by guaranteed short-term job placement in an exotic oriental location amidst bounty of nature and mysticism of history and culture.

After completing in class Asian College of Teachers certifications, you can teach English as a second language all over the world. It is similar to teaching English as a foreign language. Asian College of Teachers trainees who have successfully completed the course, enjoy opportunities of teaching in the most reputed institutions in Asia, The Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and most countries worldwide. It is always an honor for schools and universities to receive TESOL trained teachers who are trained to teach English using the latest techniques and methodologies.

Asian College of Teachers
Mission Statement

Asian College of Teachers (ACT), a modern and innovative teacher education institution in Asia is committed to excellence in providing highest quality learning and a great platform for potential global educators, education managers and educational entrepreneurs refining our focus on designing tailor-made courses which will lead them towards a successful teaching/training and management career while making ACT a leading brand by the year 2020.

Vision Statement
At Asian College of Teachers (ACT), we believe in making our courses available to teaching professionals across the globe and provide them with outstanding learning and employment related courses in the field of pre-primary education, TEFL, special education and education management which will not only lead them towards a successful teaching and training career but aid them in making a strong impact on individual lives and society.
ECIIT: - Excellence, Care, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork.

Organizational Values
Asian College of Teachers is committed:-
To connect with the global teaching community
To create opportunities for teaching fraternity
To emphasize modern teaching techniques
To make our programs accessible worldwide
To reach out to teaching aspirants across the globe



  • My experience was amazing, challenging, fulfilling and rewarding in every way. I am so happy I took the course with ACT. I believe I have met people I will continue to travel and experience new things with, and I am so excited to start teaching and begin impacting lives!

    lisa ruderman - Placed in Kasintorn St Peter, Nonthaburi

  • TEFL TestimonialsI heard great things about this TESOL course from 4 different people who went through it last year. I have always wanted to travel and teach, so this program was perfect for me.

    Avery Anderson -Placed in Plengprasit sailom school-BKK

  • TEFL TestimonialsAfter looking at other programs in Thailand, I found ACT was offering the lowest price. Also, Kiersten and I came together and her friends had previously done the ACT program and they had nothing but good things to say about the program.

    Blaine Sheldon -Placed in Rajprachasamasai School Under The Royal Patronage Of His Majesty The King-Samutprakarn

  • TEFL TestimonialsThe ACT program seemed to be a great way to receive hands on training. It was a great learning experience. Sangeeta and Pak did a great job throughout and I was continually impressed with them and how professional the company was.

    Peter Gorgui -Placed in Kehabangpli School-Samutprakarn

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