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It was a good experience. I was bored a lot during class and found we
were doing a lot of irrelevant things. I wish we focused more solely
on teaching practices and writing lesson plans because even after the
3 weeks I feel I need more practice with actual teaching.



I had a great time in my TESOL course here in Bangkok. I really enjoyed both Kuhu and Pak throughout my time here and they have helped me a lot along the way. I did not enjoy the hotel we were placed in, having an incident where money was stolen, however I want to thank ACT so much for helping me with this situation and the hotel management was also extremely nice in helping me with it as well.



It was a terrific experience and I am very happy that I did it. The instructors were knowledgeable and knew the material. I also enjoyed the structure of the lessons...as first, I was unsure as to whether I liked the structure or not but after practicing it in the classroom,
it all made sense. I feel confident that I can go into the teaching world and effectively communicate the information to the students.



Overall great experience. Very helpful staff who helped us go from skeptical to enthusiastic about teaching. I can't imagine teaching without having gone through a course like this. It was also an excellent opportunity to meet like minded people doing the same thing.


Calvin Barbera

At first I was afraid. I was petrified. Then I grew strong, and I learned how to get along. I was unsure what to expect going into the course. Would I make a good teacher? Will the kids listen? Now after taking this course I can say I feel confident that I will be a good teacher! More importantly I'm excited to be a teacher!


Colleen Horan

The course was fantastic! Pak and Kuhu were amazing and such a great help, and the other trainees were all so awesome. I had a great experience these past 3 weeks and I wouldn't change it if I could. I am excited to begin teaching and furthering my submergence into the Thai culture!


Danielle Steiner

I was unsure about what to expect from this program, but am pleased with the way in turned out. I believe that I now have the skills to teach a class, though it will take time and practice. We learned a lot about different ways to teach students based off of their individual needs, how to write successful lesson plans with expected problems and solutions, how to teach groups of students from different ages, and simple ways to teach conversational English as opposed to strict language rules and structures.


Gary Milne

I feel that the course as a whole successfully prepared me to teach english and did so in a comfortable manner. I didnt feel that I would end up making a good english teacher but after completing the course I feel differently. I like the stress on Communicative english rather than formal translational teaching methods that were used for me in my language learning experience.


Jonathan Grewell

I thought the experience was very good. Kuhu was a very good teacher and I want to applaud her on that. She did very well and made us extremely comfortable. It was a good training session and it was well put together. I was nervous coming over at first but it was very easy to get into. Pak was also very helpful with everything Thailand. She was informative


Lauren Worley

I think that my experience with ATI has been great for preparing me for my teaching eI loved our instructor Kuhu, such a patient and caring person. Really cared about the class and our success. Very intelligent and knew what she was doing. I was fortunate to have such a great group of classmates.


Sarah Hockla

Kuhu was exceptional. I am excited about my future thanks to her, she makes us feel like more than just a dollar sign being shuffled through a program. I am glad that I did this program, and feel prepared to enter into the world of teaching. I was appreciative that Pak took my personal preference into consideration when assigning schools as well.


Stephen Preisig

Being in Bangkok was a great experience! The lessons were stimulating. They seemed to equip us for success in the classroom. The training period itself was an introductory period to our time in Bangkok, so much is to be learned. But, with the tools acquired here our remaining time here will be undoubtedly more comfortable.




  • My experience was amazing, challenging, fulfilling and rewarding in every way. I am so happy I took the course with ACT. I believe I have met people I will continue to travel and experience new things with, and I am so excited to start teaching and begin impacting lives!

    lisa ruderman - Placed in Kasintorn St Peter, Nonthaburi

  • TEFL TestimonialsI heard great things about this TESOL course from 4 different people who went through it last year. I have always wanted to travel and teach, so this program was perfect for me.

    Avery Anderson -Placed in Plengprasit sailom school-BKK

  • TEFL TestimonialsAfter looking at other programs in Thailand, I found ACT was offering the lowest price. Also, Kiersten and I came together and her friends had previously done the ACT program and they had nothing but good things to say about the program.

    Blaine Sheldon -Placed in Rajprachasamasai School Under The Royal Patronage Of His Majesty The King-Samutprakarn

  • TEFL TestimonialsThe ACT program seemed to be a great way to receive hands on training. It was a great learning experience. Sangeeta and Pak did a great job throughout and I was continually impressed with them and how professional the company was.

    Peter Gorgui -Placed in Kehabangpli School-Samutprakarn

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