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Special Thai Project in Bangkok - Overview

Bangkok is one of the most favored places in Thailand to get your TEFL certification as a part of the STP Project. The reason is that Bangkok is highly diverse with people from all over Thailand and other parts of Asia also accumulating here for business purposes. As a result, the exposure that you will get while pursuing the Special Thai Project in Bangkok is unmatched elsewhere in the country.

Date of Landing

Don't land later than 1 days before the course start date, as our program starts on Monday sharp at 9 AM.

Course Date

1st May - 19th May 2017
5th June - 23rd June 2017
7th Aug - 25th Aug 2017
4th Sep - 22nd Sep 2017
2nd Oct - 20th Oct 2017
13th Nov - 1st Dec 2017

Course Fees

The course fee for the Special Thai Project in Bangkok is just 750 USD (without accommodation) and 999 USD (including accommodation).

Accommodation Availability

Accommodation in Bangkok is available from 2pm one day before the TEFL Course start date. Teachers landing before that must arrange for their own accommodation.

Accommodation in Bangkok will be available for 1 more night after the course completion. You need to check out at 12 noon the next day of your course end date.

Your teaching assignment is likely to begin from the end of October or beginning of November, thus you need to organize your own accommodation during this period. We can help in arranging School accommodation starts 48 hrs before the semester start date you will need to arrange your own accommodation for those days. From our past experience we have seen many teachers take advantage of this gap and make short trips to nearby places. However this is only possible once you know your start date with the school.

NB: Your school may be in any part of Thailand, you need to arrange your own transportation to your school from your training venue. We will be there to guide you.

TEFL Program

The TESOL Certificate Program starts sharp at 9 AM on Monday
The program is normally conducted Monday to Friday, but additional classes may be organized on 1 or 2 Saturdays also.
There will be a THAI CULTURAL TRAINING COURSE. This Orientation is immensely important for Teachers. We conduct this course for all our participants free of cost.

Accommodation Details

TESOL trainees are eligible for double occupancy, well-furnished accommodation in a reputed star hotel provided with basic amenities during the course of training. Accommodation provided by Asian College of Teachers involves no extra cost, during this period.

Check your accommodation details here : JL Bangkok




  • My experience was amazing, challenging, fulfilling and rewarding in every way. I am so happy I took the course with ACT. I believe I have met people I will continue to travel and experience new things with, and I am so excited to start teaching and begin impacting lives!

    lisa ruderman - Placed in Kasintorn St Peter, Nonthaburi

  • TEFL TestimonialsI heard great things about this TESOL course from 4 different people who went through it last year. I have always wanted to travel and teach, so this program was perfect for me.

    Avery Anderson -Placed in Plengprasit sailom school-BKK

  • TEFL TestimonialsAfter looking at other programs in Thailand, I found ACT was offering the lowest price. Also, Kiersten and I came together and her friends had previously done the ACT program and they had nothing but good things to say about the program.

    Blaine Sheldon -Placed in Rajprachasamasai School Under The Royal Patronage Of His Majesty The King-Samutprakarn

  • TEFL TestimonialsThe ACT program seemed to be a great way to receive hands on training. It was a great learning experience. Sangeeta and Pak did a great job throughout and I was continually impressed with them and how professional the company was.

    Peter Gorgui -Placed in Kehabangpli School-Samutprakarn

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