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Cost of living in Thailand

Thailand is quite an easy place to live provided you are earning a decent salary. But this definition of ease varies from person to person and the lifestyle maintained. A monthly remuneration of 30000 - 50000 baht can give a comfortable standard of living, however the more the better. This figure could cover all expenses including entertainment, transportation, food, both eating in and out, new clothes, miscellaneous expenses.

Expect to spend up to 15,000 baht a month for an apartment of your own, and a further 3,500 baht in utilities. Making a phone call using a fixed line costs 3 baht regardless of the duration of the call.

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Supermarket prices :

Pork, chicken and beef : All priced below 150 baht per kilo.

Milk (800 cc) : 35 baht

Cola drinks : 13-14 baht

Beers : 35-45 baht

Local fruits and vegetables are cheap, but imported goods can be really expensive.

Salad bars charge depending on supermarket and quality of goods provided. At Foodland you pay 7 baht per 100 grams, at Tops 12 baht per 100 grams, and at Emporium or Siam Paragon Gourmet Market, the same amount will set you back 25 baht.

A bread costs between 30 and 60 baht a loaf. Rolls are 7-10 baht. Bagels at Villa Market costs about 15 baht, at Au Bon Pain (shameful really) about 40 baht.

Using the BTS (skytrain) or MRT (subway system) costs between 10 and 40 baht for a one-way trip Taxis are cheap with a minimum fare is 35 baht. For about 50 baht you can take a 4 km ride. Buses are frequent, but less comfortable. Fares start at 8 bath (for the non-air-conditioned buses). 20 or 30 baht can take you to the other end of town in air-conditioned buses.

As on August 2010, US$ 1 = about 31.92 baht, the prices stated below can surely be of help :

McDonalds Big Mac combo (incl. Coke + fries): 99 baht

KFC fillet burger combo (incl. Coke + fries): 79 baht

Burger King Whopper combo (incl. Coke + fries): 139 baht

Can of Coke / Pepsi in a supermarket : 13 baht

5 km / 20 km metered taxi ride : 50 / 125 baht

Plate of fried rice on the street / in a food hall : 25 / 35 baht

950 ml bottle generic brand drinking water : 5 baht

1.5 litre bottle of brand name drinking water : 12 - 15 baht

Kodak gold 100 print film 36 shot : 79 - 140 baht

Local call from phone box (every 2 minutes): 1 baht

Singha beer 330ml / 640ml in supermarket: 30 / 50 baht

Heineken beer 330ml / 640ml in supermarket: 35 / 65 baht

Jack Daniel's 700 ml bottle: 899 baht

Portion of fruit from street vendor : 10 baht

Bangkok Post / The Nation newspaper : 25 baht

Packet of cheap / expensive noodles : 5 / 14 baht

Cheap / Expensive men's haircut : 50 / 350+ baht

Levis 501 jeans - genuine, not fake 2,350 baht

Paracetamol 500 mg 10 tablets generic brand : 10 baht

New release English lang. paperback novels : 300 - 450 baht

New release English lang. hardback novels : 595 - 995 baht

New release movie ticket at cinema : 100 - 140 baht

Nightly new release VHS video / DVD movie hire : 30 - 50 baht

New release DVD (copied) : 100 - 150 baht

New release DVD (original) : 120 - 1,000+ baht

Local phone call (direct phone line / apartment line) : 3 / 5 baht

Durex condoms, pack of three : 50 baht

6 x 4 inch photograph print : 3 - 5 baht

1 litre of 91 / 95 octane petrol : 24.69 baht/ 25.49 baht

1 litre of diesel : 25 baht



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